Guidelines in Manuscripts Preparation

Guidelines for authors on preparation and submittance of papers

The author(s) when submitting a paper to the Editorial Board should provide the following documents:

- a review of the paper by either a Candidate or a Doctor of Sciences in the corresponding subject area ;

- a covering letter ;

- information about the author(s);

- the manuscript that meets the reqirements described below.

You can download the requirements and covering documents samples by clicking here

A volume of the manuscript should be within the range of 3 to 20 pages. The paper as well as the documents should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Manuscripts should be submitted in MS Word 2003 format in a file having the extension *.doc.

Manuscripts formatting requirements

Manuscripts should be prepared using Microsoft Word for Windows. Page layout: all margins - 2 cm, Для подготовки статьи следует использовать текстовый редактор Microsoft Word для Windows: все поля по 2 см; font - Times New Roman, size - 14 pt; intervals – 1.5; paragraph indent – 1 cm; text alignment – justified.

Manuscript must have a UDC code.

The structure of the paper:

UDC code.

Information about authors:

first line: autor's name (bold type);
second line: academis degree or position (italics)
third line: organization, city (italics);
fourth line: e-mail.

Title (bold type, centered).


Keywords (4–8 words separated by commas).

The basic text of the manuscript 3-20 pages (including tabels, excluding figures and references).


Information about the authors in English. Note that the quality of translation should be adequate otherwise the manuscript may be rejected.

Citations and abbreviations:

– notation conventions and abbreviations should be first given in full (no abbreveations in both title and abstract!);

– every cited work should included into the references list ;

– references list must not include any works, which are not cited in the text ;

– references list should be alphabetized;

– reference numbers in the text should be in brackets.

Figures and tables:

– all the images should be in JPG format;

– figures are placed in the text next to the paragraph they are mentioned in;

– figures should be subscribed and continuously numbered;

– all the formulae should be in MDCT format;

– tables width should not exceed the width of the page;

– tabels should be titled and continuously numbered;

– tables should be typed in Times New Roman font, size 10.


Yuri Novikov

Vice Rector for Research Activities, Candidate of Economical Sciences, Associate Professor

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.